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Computer Troubleshooters USA

Computer Troubleshooters USA

...It's rare, possibly unheard of, to hear users praise the support they get from a helpdesk company, but that's exactly what happened to us.

We hired PC Helpline to provide helpdesk support to our franchisees in the US and Canada in 2003, Every time we sent out a partner survey, we received numerous glowing comments about the PC Helpline technicians. Franchises would often described situations where PC Helpline technicians will call back to ensure their issues on client sites were truly resolved even after having spent as much time as it took originally to provide step by step instructions to overcome their technical issues.

In over 10 years of working with PC Helpline we found a consistently high quality of service and commitment to the satisfaction of our users. I highly recommend PC Helpline for any helpdesk services.

~ Chip Reaves
Computer Troubleshooters USA

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