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Theoretically; any business with a medium to large size clientele or an IT executive with a similar size person in his or her company, can benefit from our Support Services and solutions, but in practice, the following Industry Sectors are the ones that we are most familiar with their mindsets and expectations:

ISP and Hospitality Sector including Hotels, Airports and Hot-spots

What do they have in common from our point of view? Well, someone needs to connect to the Internet and may need a bit of help! This is where we shine, having done the work for well over a decade means not only are we familiar with the technologies used, but we know how to treat the callers and resolve all their issues from sales to sign up, from resetting passwords to resolve connection issues and from webmail to website problems.


The typical scenario here revolves around supporting laboratory Web Application software that has been written by our client for The typical scenario here revolves around supporting laboratory Web Application software that has been written by our clients for multiple University courses. We troubleshoot browser issues that students and faculty members experience when connecting to the courses. We also provide valuable feedback to our client software developers, enabling them to enhance and improve their software.


For over a decade, we have been taking part in multiple Windows updates for our clients. Mostly being three month long projects to help the in-house team with the overflow calls. We also support clients in this sector for Email and Active Directory support.

MSPs (Managed Service Providers)

We have been very flexible to accommodate our clients needs and requirements, 24/7 or after hours and weekends. Typical support has been desktop and network support with some elements of overnight duties to monitor critical servers remotely.

Local Governments, Public Utilities and Major International corporations.

We have been very successful with supporting large number of staff of our clients and at the same time exceeding our SLA month in month out. Most of the engagements here has been for supporting Google Apps. We work with Google and our Google Premier Partners to provide support to our clients' staff for anything Google!

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