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A Team of Dedicated Analysts

PC Helpline started its services back in early 2001 by offering standard Desktop Support to its mid-size clients. Over the years we have been extending this support to its Nth degree, supporting peripherals, local and network, removing virus and malware from end-users computers, troubleshooting Outlook and Exchange and doing admin duties on Active Directory are just naming a few.

The support also includes all Microsoft Windows of all versions as well as "how to" support for Microsoft Office of all flavors.

Our support services are staffed by a team of dedicated analysts with a broad range of technical experience and knowledge. Our Desktop Support for all intents and purposes offers a turnkey solution to any IT manager who seeks to outsource part or all of his support to a company that can continuously deliver a great support and fulfill all SLA obligations month in month out.

The sectors that we have been providing Desktop Support includes Health, Education, Retail and Wholesale Accountants and Public Utilities.

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