Vision, Purpose, Values

Company Vision


Continue to build long term relationships with our clients ensuring we maintain our position as an industry leader.


Outsourcing is an evolving industry. PC Helpline's purpose is to stay relevant and competitive by utilizing the highly qualified and educated workforce in Canada and by utilizing state-of-the-art technology that allows ongoing innovations.

Values & Operating Principles

Integrity – does the right thing for the company, it’s associates and customers

  • We are honest, open and forthright in all our communications and actions
  • We lead by example and demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of our operation
  • We consistently treat people with fairness and respect
  • Our words and deeds are always congruent. We say what we do and do what we say

Responsiveness – meets or exceeds expected service agreements

  • We give it 100% and bring our full focus and attention to each client's solution needs
  • We aim to emulate or exceed our partners' customer service levels
  • We commit to taking care of tickets and emails in half the time of our contractual SLA with our clients
  • We deliver experience, knowledge and competence to each incident – the first time

Excellence – committed to high quality performance, outstanding results and lasting value

  • We strive to do it right the first time and settle for nothing less than superior and distinguishing performance
  • We embrace and practice continuous improvement and are never satisfied with the quality being less than it can be
  • Our way of thinking, our way of acting and our way of doing business is defined by an attitude for excellence
  • Our executives and each employee cultivate a work environment that is positive, rewarding, mutually respectful and committed to team effort and continuous learning, as the foundation for superior performance

Passion – brings enthusiasm and a positive mindset

  • We bring enthusiasm, cheerfulness, energy and a positive outlook to all our interactions
  • We celebrate small wins through individual, team and client successes, and we look for the learning opportunities in set-backs and challenges
  • We demonstrate a keen interest in the well-being and success of each and every client
  • We model dedication and determination to finding complete solutions, even in difficult times

Accountability – takes ownership of the task and outcome

  • We own it!
  • We accept responsibility for, and take sole ownership of, the incident
  • We do whatever is necessary to move the solution process forward until the incident is resolved
  • We accept personal accountability for our actions and delivered outcomes – a willingness to 'own' the results