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Outsource your Technical Support - Resolve all Your Tech Issues 24/7/365

In this computer world everyone has a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device for doing their work or even shopping and playing games. And if customers are stuck with problems with their devices, outsourcing your companies tech support is an effective and cost effect way of keeping your customers...
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Outstanding Google Apps Support Services in Canada

Google Apps is a package of cloud-based services that can provide your organization with a whole new way to work together online - not just using email and chat, but over video conferences, social media, real-time document collaborations, and more. Located in Victoria BC Canada, PC Helpline is an independent...
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PC Helpline - PCI compliant Call Center - Victoria BC

What is PCI compliance?
---> PCI compliant refers to making sure that all details (credit card numbers, and 3-digit CSV numbers) are handled in a secure environment. This is especially important when outsourcing your companies IT services or call-center. PC Helpline is a PCI compliant...
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FUSION Conference and Expo

November 1-4, 2016 - MGM Grand - Las Vegas, NV Jointly hosted by SMF USA and HDI, this annual conference shares a similar format to our Annual Conference & Expo with an agenda specifically designed for those in IT service management (ITSM).

Service Management
The Next...
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PC Helpline provides supplemental support for PwC "One Calendar Project"

October 12, 2015: PC Helpline provides supplemental support for PwC "One Calendar" Project. With the success of the 5-phase Google Apps migration roll-out, PwC went on to implement the "Google One Calendar" project. This involved migrating past and future events from Lotus Notes to Google Calendar....
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